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Best value
Mini 1.6D Cooper
Price £16,180
Target Price: £15,452
Depreciation £6577
Resale value £8875
True MPG: 52.5
Three-year cost: £12,994
Don't be fooled by that high price, or the reluctance of Mini dealers to cough up a big discount. Once you've scraped together that hefty initial investment, the Mini Cooper D is actually very good at saving you money.

The cute styling and premium badge make the Mini desirable, so resale values are exceptionally strong. Mini's TLC servicing package reduces costs further, because it covers all maintenance costs for five years/50,000 miles for a nominal one-off fee.

The efficiency of the Cooper D's engine reduces costs even further. A CO2 figure of 99g/km means you'll pay no road tax at all, and although we've proved the official fuel economy figure of 74.3mpg to be a tad optimistic, you can still expect an impressive 52.5mpg.

Granted, this isn't the fastest of fun cars, with just 110bhp, but the laughs come in the corners rather than the straights. The Mini changes direction with incredible speed and poise, and the sharp steering is packed with feel. All in all, the Cooper D is an absolute riot.

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Mazda MX-5 1.8i SE (AC)
Price £18,545
Target Price: £15,572
Depreciation £7172
Resale value £8400
True MPG: MPG 33.7
Three-year cost: £17,153
The Mazda MX-5 has always been an affordable sports car – and not just because it's cheap to buy. Whole-life costs are kept down by solid residuals, affordable insurance premiums and a True MPG result that gets surprisingly close to the official Government figure. The impeccably balanced rear-drive MX-5 is big on thrills, too.

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Audi TT 2.0 TFSI 211 Sport
Price £27,145
Target Price: £24,889
Depreciation £10,739
Resale value £14,150
True MPG: 37.6
Three-year cost: £20,913
The Audi TT might be due for replacement next year, but it's still the best coupe money can buy. It's a true sports car to drive, with agile handling and barnstorming pace, yet it also delivers comfort, refinement and desirability. The strong image makes for stunning resale values, and with real-world fuel economy of 37.6mpg, the TT is a remarkably effective and affordable all-round ownership proposition.

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