Government reveals charging point fund

  • £37m set aside for installation of charging points
  • 75% paid towards domestic installations
  • Funds available from March
Electric Charging Point
Electric Charging Point
The Government has revealed details of a £37 million scheme to help people with the cost of installing electric charging points.

Under the scheme, private individuals will get 75% towards installation costs. This will be capped at £1000 and limited to one charging point per household.

The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) will compile a list of accredited suppliers in March and the grant will be available until April 2015.

Contributions of up to 75% will also be offered towards installations at train stations and council-owned roadside locations.

Organisations such as the NHS, police and local authorities can get a free charging point installed, with the grant capped at £7500 per installation.

David Martell, ceo and founder of Chargemaster plc, said: 'There is a lot to figure out, but [the scheme] will provide lots of opportunities.'

British Gas currently charges £799 for domestic installations, so if it gets accreditation for the scheme, the post-grant price could be less than £200 per household.

By Matthew Burrow

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