Mobile phone mounts reviewed - Halfords Car Phone Holder

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Halfords Suction Mount Phone Holder
Price:£14.99 (

The ratchet for the sucker is well located at the base of the bendable arm and is easy to press down for a tight fit on the windscreen.

A button releases two gripping arms, which you then pinch together to hold your phone.

The bendable arm is stiff, which makes it quite a job to rotate your phone between portrait and landscape orientation.

You can also adjust the angle of your phone with the arm, while it adjusts to various widths to accommodate a wide range of phones.

The cradle feels a little cheap, but if it's anywhere near as strong as the arm feels, it'll last the course.

There's some soft backing material for the cradle, but none on the feet.

What Car? says
The stiff arm creates high frequency vibration at speed and bobs up and down over bumps and coarse surfaces. Not ideal, but the mount works well and is good value.

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