Tesla: electric supercar driven - How good?

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  • Instant pulling power
  • 0-60mph in 3.9secs
  • On sale now
The Signature Edition might be fast, but it’s not quite as good to drive as the Lotus Elise that it’s based on.

It’s by no means disappointing compared with most of what we drive day to day, but it’s not as sharp and lively as the Lotus.

For all its carbonfibre body weight-saving measures, the Tesla is 300kg heavier than the Lotus, and most of that is placed at the back of the car.

As a result, it’s tuned to understeer as standard, although Telsa wants its customers to be involved in the set-up. Ask for a tail-happy Roadster and that’s what you’ll get.

It would be interesting to see how much the steering could be sharpened, too, since it’s very heavy, even at high speed, and doesn’t provide enough feedback.

The Tesla is also left-hand-drive only for now, and because it’s so low down, it’s very difficult to see around traffic to overtake.

It’s an issue in a car with this kind of performance, so until right-hand drive models are available, you might want to take a co-pilot you can trust with you.

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