Tesla: electric supercar driven - How much?

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  • Instant pulling power
  • 0-60mph in 3.9secs
  • On sale now
If you want one, you’ll need a cool £92,000 for a Signature Edition car, which comes specced up with leather seats, a carbonfibre hard top, sat-nav, alloy wheels and a body to match just about any colour (if you can’t match your handbag with this, give up).

That takes care of 2009’s 250 cars, but from 2010 Europe will get 900-1000 more cars with a starting price of £89,000.

While there are plans to have right-hand drive cars for the UK some time in 2011, the first two years will be left-hand drive only.

Tesla reckons at current energy prices it costs about three pence per mile to charge the car, so use it for 10,000 miles in a year and you'll tack on £300 to your household bills.

This figure, of course, doesn’t take other running costs into consideration, like depreciation, insurance and so on, but it’s a lot less cash than you spend filling your tank every year at the moment, isn’t it?

Tesla: electric supercar driven - How fast?


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