What Car Q&A: April 2010 - Can I take my test in a Toyota iQ?

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Q) My parents have just bought me a new Toyota iQ for learning to drive in. I love it to bits, but my driving instructor thinks that I won’t be able to sit my practical test in it because it’s too small. Is he right?
Helen Green

It’s true that you won’t be able to sit the practical driving test in your Toyota, but not because of its dinky dimensions. Instead, it’s because it failed a risk assessment by the DSA (Driving Standard Agency) due to unsatisfactory all-round visibility from the examiner’s seat.

For the same reason, the Ford Streetka, Mini Convertible and Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet are also classed as unsuitable for the driving test.

However, like all cars, the iQ had to pass a set of safety criteria before going on sale, which means visibility from the driver’s seat is acceptable.

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