VW Concept Blue Sport: driven - Inside and out

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  • Gorgeous mid-engined roadster
  • We drive the only example
  • Will it make production?
Volkswagen's Concept Blue Sport
Volkswagen's Concept Blue Sport
The car is a model of simplicity, topped off with some lovely details. The outer surfaces are taut and uncluttered, but the lamp units are works of art, with rows of LED lights.

The best view is low down, from a rear three-quarter angle. Lift the front hood and the matt black wheelarch surrounds make the car look like a miniature Le Mans racer.

You have to drive with your legs splayed around the steering wheel slightly, despite two-way steering column adjustment.

Controls are few but nicely detailed. The round climate control switches have interior lights that change from blue to red and grow or shrink as you raise or lower the temperature. There's similar detailing in the fan and light switches.

A central touchscreen controlled by a small Apple computer beneath the rear boot floor gives you access to the car's entertainment and information features. Naturally, there's a docking station for an MP3 player.

VW Concept Blue Sport: driven - But will they ever make it?


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