What Car? Green awards 2008 - Introduction

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• First ever green awards
• Category winners & special awards
• One overall winner
Welcome to the first What Car? Green Awards, in association with Warranty Direct. It's your guide to the best eco-friendly cars you can buy.

These winners aren't simply the cars with the lowest CO2 output. Of course, that's important, but there are other pollutants to consider, particularly if your car is mainly used around town.

Our green winners also have to make financial sense, they have to be safe, secure and be great cars to use and drive.

The best news is that there are more and more great green cars to choose from, and we fully expect our judging to get even more difficult in years to come.

Read on to see which cars can help limit your impact on the environment.

With thanks to the Eden Project: www.edenproject.com

What Car? Green awards 2008 - Superminis


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