Nissan GT-R: Engine with soul - Introduction

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  • GT-R engine hand built
  • Nissan's best engineers assemble unit
  • We witness process
It's codenamed VR38, but most people will just know it as the engine that lies at the heart of the mighty Nissan GT-R, which is set to arrive in the UK early next year.

The raw performance figures are mind-blowing: 473bhp and 588Nm of pulling power result in an awe-inspiring 0-60mph time of 3.5ecs.

Hidden behind those figures, though, is the hard work of the dedicated team of engine engineers.

Working under clinical conditions in a corner of Nissan's Yokohama engine plant in Japan, the same place where Qashqai engines are assembled before being shipped to Sunderland, they are the best engineers Nissan has.

They have to be, too. While a Qashqai engine line is 40% robotised, each GT-R engine is assembled by hand.

It's a pain-staking process – and one that we were invited along to witness.

Nissan GT-R: Engine with soul - Inside the clean room


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