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Got a question about your car? Chances are it’s one of these — and here are our answers

We’re asked thousands of questions each year on every aspect of motoring, from child seats to road tax to paint protection.

It’s amazing how frequently some of the questions come up, so here are the answers to 10 of the most common (plus five more in a bonus quick-fire Q&A).

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1) Car rejection
Are you entitled to a new car?

2) Greener driving
Do fuel-saving gizmos work?

3) Child seats
In which cars can I fit three seats in a row

4) Price mis-match
Why won't the salesman pay the What Car? Used Car Price Guide value?

5) Pre-reg buys
Should I buy a pre-registered car?

6) Taxing rates
How much is the road tax on my car each year?

7) Towing novice
Where do I start with towing?

8) Paint protection
Should I buy Superguard paint protection?

9) Buying online
Is buying online safe?

10) Car write-offs
Should I buy one? How safe will it be?

Quick-fire Q&A
More popular questions.

Top 10 Q&A - Car rejection


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