News in focus: road charging - Introduction

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News in focus: road charging
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The way motorists pay for the roads they use and the social and environmental impact they have on the country is once again under scrutiny.

The Commons Transport Committee (Transcom) is currently undertaking a full review of taxes on all road users. It is due to report later this year.

The study will examine the purpose of taxes, what they should be, whether they are fair and what alternatives are available.

The 2006 Eddington Study, set up to examine the links between transport and the economy, was the last major British report to favour road pricing.

It concluded that motorists 'should bear their full environmental costs' and gave 'strong backing for congestion-targeted road pricing' – without recommending any fee scale.

The RAC Foundation, the AA, the Association of British Drivers (ABD), the National Association Against Tolls (NAAT) and the Campaign for Better Transport are among the organisations who have already given evidence.

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