Toyota Prius revealed - Introduction

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  • Expected to be road tax exempt
  • New safety features added, too
  • Combined power output of 134bhp

Price: from £18,000 (est)
On sale: July
You'll like: Having a green conscience
You won't: Paying for it

There's no doubt about it, Toyota pulled off a PR masterstroke the day it sanctioned production of the Prius – its petrol-electric hybrid car.

Launched in 1997, before most of the world had even heard of global warming, it established Toyota as the jolly green giant of car manufacturing. An impression that's been further aided by the increasing number of Hollywood A-listers happy to be snapped trundling around Tinseltown in the second-generation model.

Now an all-new Prius is about to go on sale, offering a bit more of everything.

Toyota Prius revealed - And the mpg is?


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