Star car: Volkswagen Polo - Introduction

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  • Take a trip round the Polo
  • Headline-grabbing economy
  • VW expects 5-star crash-test rating
Price: from £7900 (est)
On sale: October
You'll like: Fuel-efficient and safe
You won't: Strait-laced looks

Trust Volkswagen to get its timing spot on with its latest version of the Polo.

With the world in recession and what few car buyers remain running for cover from big, thirsty cars and moving into something smaller and more affordable, VW is about to introduce a new Polo with headline-grabbing economy and emissions figures.

When the new car was unveiled at the Geneva motor show in March, Dr Ulrich Hackenberg, VW's head of technical development, announced that next year there will be a version with CO2 of 87g/km and average fuel economy of close to 85mpg – all from a car that, at a pinch, is big enough for a family of five.

Star car: Volkswagen Polo - Bluemotion economy


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