Hydrogen-powered future for Kia - Introduction

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  • Hydrogen-powered cars planned
  • Zero emissions
  • On sale to public by 2015
Kia fuel cell
Kia fuel cell
Kia will begin small-scale production of zero-emissions hydrogen fuel cell cars in 2012 and make them available commercially by 2015.

The Korean car maker plans to build about 1000 a year at first, and increase production to 10,000 a year by the time they go on offer to the public in 2015.

Fuel cell cars mix hydrogen and oxygen in a metal box containing a series of cells known as a fuel stack. This process generates electricity to drive the car, with clean water as the only waste product.

Kia has been working on the idea since 2000 and now believes it is not far behind Toyota and Honda, both of which are regarded as world leaders in fuel cell technology. However, the company believes it is the only major motor manufacturer in the world to have a research and development centre dedicated solely to 'green' vehicle development.

Hydrogen-powered future for Kia - Any problems with fuel cell cars?


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