Electric cars meet the real world - Introduction

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  • Who needs diesel and petrol?
  • Electric commute is coming
  • Renault Kangoo Be Bop Z.E and Mini E
Why buy petrol? Electric could be all you need.

Most of us don't drive very far each day, so why buy a car that's capable of 600 miles on one tank of fuel?

Why not opt for an electric car that can get from A to E, and back again, with no emissions and at a fraction of the cost?

That's what Mini, Renault and a hoard of other car manufacturers are hoping we'll think, because they're investing heaps of cash – €800 million by Renault alone –into battery-powered cars.

There are other potential solutions to help cut our carbon footprints - fuel cells, gas and biofuels made from algae or miscanthus grasses, for example - but we're going to start by testing a couple of electric cars that are about to, or destined to start real-world testing by normal people with normal lives.

We drove the Renault Kangoo Be Bop Z.E (for Zero Emissions) in France, but took a more unusual test route for the Mini E (for Electric) on the hill climb at the legendary Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Electric cars meet the real world - Mini E – the basics


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