What Car? takes fuel economy challenge - Introduction

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Fuel economy challenge
Fuel economy challenge
Have we got boots of lead or a synergy with the environment when we take to the road? Join What Car? in the fuel consumption challenge at Millbrook Proving Ground, Bedfordshire.

Competing with teams from the Department for Transport, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, our task was to set the best team-average fuel consumption figure around a ten-mile route of Millbrook Proving Ground.

To set this figure, we would take to the city course, complete a lap of the two-mile high speed bowl to replicate a motorway and drive up and down the challenging hill routes.

'It will be an informal and fun day,' said Neil Fulton, head of the emissions lab at the Millbrook Proving Ground...

What Car? takes fuel economy challenge - A new driving style


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