Volvo S60: Volvo takes on BMW - Introduction

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  • New compact exec
  • On sale in July
  • Prices from £21,000
The brief handed down to the team responsible for the new Volvo S60 was short, sweet and to the point: make it the most sporty Volvo ever. No more trying to tread the middle ground. No more failing to deliver on promises of driver appeal. Just do it.

Not that the usual Volvo emphasis on safety has been abandoned to make way. The S60 is arguably one of the safest cars ever – maybe the safest, if you're a pedestrian.

On top of all the safety stuff we expect from Volvo, it pioneers a feature that, within limitations, makes it impossible to mow down jaywalkers and stops low-speed nose-to-tail shunts. It's called ‘pedestrian detection with automatic braking' (see Pedestrians: it will see them coming), and Volvo believes it's a world first.

Expect the car to go on sale in the UK in July, starting around £21,000. Meantime, read on to get under the skin of the new S60.

Volvo S60: Volvo takes on BMW - Measuring up to the competition


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