Travel cup test - Introduction

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  • We test eight travel cups
  • Temperature test results
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Most people like a hot drink in the morning, but what if you don’t have time to grab your favourite beverage before hitting the road? That’s where travel cups come in.

Travel cups on test
We've tested eight travel cups to find out which hold their temperature for the longest and which are easiest to drink from. We also considered price and special features within our ratings.

The eight cups are all rated out of five, but we've also picked three as the:
Easiest drinking
Best for staying hot
Best budget buy

How much heat did the cups retain over a two hour period? Click here to see the results in full
Travel cups: how we reviewed them
We put 300ml of boiling water in each of the eight cups and left them in an unheated car with the ambient temperature at a chilly 5C. We then measured the temperature of the water in each cup after 30 minutes, one hour and finally at two hours.

Click the link below the graph on the right to see how each of the eight cups compared.

Travel cup test - 1st Lifeventure Thermal Mug


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