Mini Countryman: driven - Introduction

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  • Our verdict on Mini's crossover
  • Price: £16,000 to £20,810
  • On sale: September
Maybe it's surprising that Mini has taken so long to come up with a crossover model. After all, crossovers are all about blurring the conventional boundaries, and Mini is a company that never really adhered to convention in the first place. Seems like a match made in heaven, doesn't it?

Well, the new Countryman crossover is finally here, and you wouldn't bet against it being a massive success. Crossovers are all the rage these days, and if the Countryman combines this popularity with the inherent popularity of the Mini brand, sales could be astronomical.

Success is by no means a done deal, though, especially with the quality of the cars that Mini has identified as competitors. Of course, there's the car that arguably started the whole crossover craze, the Nissan Qashqai, plus a barrage of talented family hatch competitors spearheaded by the all-conquering Volkswagen Golf. Tough crowd.

If the Countryman is to shine, it needs to take the style and the driving characteristics that Mini is famous for, and combine them with the practicality that the brand most definitely isn't. Question is, has Mini got it right?

Mini Countryman: driven - What's it like inside?


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