JD Power survey 2010 - Introduction

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  • 17,200 motorists polled
  • 104 models reviewed
  • 27 manufacturers tested
It's one thing to take a couple of cars for a spin around the block to see if you really like them, but wouldn't you like to know how your next car is going to stand the test of time?

That's where the 300 million-mile test drive that is the What Car?/JD Power Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Survey comes in, because we delve into the experiences of more than 17,200 motorists who have travelled an average of 17,386 miles in their cars.

The questions we ask owners are as diverse as: has the engine given up? Is the suspension strong enough? Does it cope with three kids, buggies and bikes? Is it fun?

In all, 104 models from 27 manufacturers are rated this year, with every aspect of owning them open to scrutiny. So if you want to know what's good, and what isn't, you're in the right place.

The satisfaction percentage score is made of four sections.

• Vehicle appeal 37%
• Quality and reliability 24%,
• Ownership costs 22%
• Quality of service from dealers 17%.

All cars included in this year's survey were registered between January 2007 and December 2008, so were at least a year old when owners were questioned.

Don't make that decision on your next car until you've read the results.

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