What Car? Green Awards 2011 - Introduction

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There has never been a better time to buy a green car. That's because not only will you be easing your burden on the planet, but you'll also save yourself loads of money; buying an eco-friendly car can save you heaps in fuel and taxes.

As ever, the tricky bit is deciding which car to buy. You can't simply look at the headline CO2 figure, because cars emit a whole concoction of polluting gases that also need to be taken into consideration. You need to think about which cars are both good to drive and to live with, too.

That's why the What Car? Green Awards are essential reading for anyone with even half an eye on the environment. We reward cars that major on green credentials but don't require any compromise from you.

Take a look at the following pages for the best cars in each category and our overall winner.

Understanding emissions and consumption

Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that's causing the planet to heat up more than it should. It's also the basis for private and company car taxation in Britain.

Saint Toyota Prius
1.8 VVT-i – 87g/km
Sinner Ferrari 599 GTB
Fiorano – 415g/km
Nitrous oxides are greenhouse gases, but they're also harmful to humans because they can aggravate conditions such as asthma. Diesels are the big culprits.

Saint Kia Picanto
1.0 – 0.006g/km
Sinner Renault Grand Espace
2.0 dCi auto – 0.367g/km
Diesel engines emit tiny pieces of solid or liquid matter known as particulates. They're a big concern, because they can cause cancer and heart disease when inhaled.

Saint Seat Alhambra
2.0 TDI – 0.000mg/km
Sinner Chrysler Grand Voyager
2.8 CRD – 0.053g/km
Every new car is put through a series of laboratory tests to measure its fuel economy. Average (or combined) MPG is based on a mix of urban and rural driving.

Saint Smart Fortwo
0.8 CDi – 85.6mpg
Sinner Bentley Continental
saloon – 16.6mpg

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