Driving apps for Android reviewed - introduction

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  • We test car-related phone apps
  • Apps for Android devices
  • From 'black box' video to parking locators
So what is an 'app'? Simple – it's an application that can be downloaded and run on your smartphone or tablet.

There are hundreds of car-related apps out there, but we've concentrated on driving aids, which will do everything from filming your car journeys to finding your car when you've forgotten where you parked it.

The apps
In this review, we've tested Android apps - but we also have an iPhone version. Many of the apps we chose are free, but some have a small purchase price. We tested apps from the following categories:

Black box recorders: to video your journeys
Safer driving: how to receive and send text messages in the car
Fuel: from petrol station finders to money-saving apps
Fun and games: toys for children and the grown-ups
Parking: Find a space, share one, and pay for it
Learn to drive: apps to help learners on all sections of the test

Our essential apps

DailyRoads black box video: Easy to use, effective and one of the smartest apps we tested.
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AA Parking: We all know how frustrating it can be to find a car park, but that's a thing of the past with the AA app.
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Text By Voice: This app will ensure you keep your hands off your phone and your eyes on the road, while also being able to receive and send text messages.
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Drismo: Find out where your driving could be costing you more money than it should. This app could help cut your fuel consumption - and it's really interesting, too.
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If you have a new driving-related app that you think drivers should know about, then send details here and we will evaluate it and possibly include it in our review.
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Driving apps for Android reviewed - black box video


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