Our cars: Audi A1 - January 2012

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Audi A1 1.4 122 TFSI Sport

Week ending January 27
Mileage 6554
Driven this week 479 miles

It's amazing how much the optional 'Roof contrast line' improves the A1's looks.

We didn't bother to specify this when ordering our car – £350 seemed like a lot to pay just to have the pillars and roof rails painted in a different colour to the body.

However, the more I look at our all-silver car, the more I'm convinced it's nowhere near as striking as A1's with the contrasting paint.


Audi A1 review

Week ending January 20
Mileage 6075
Driven this week 375 miles

Remember I complained about how much of a faff it was to switch radio stations in the A1? Turns out there's an easier way…

The buttons on the steering wheel control what’s displayed on the screen between the dash dials – and, after a fiddle one day in traffic, I discovered a list of radio stations.

You select left or right to go to music, phone, navigation or car info, then under music you scroll up or down on the roller switch to find the station you want, then press the roller switch to select it.

It’s easier, but I still find it a bit counter-intuitive.


Week ending January 13
Mileage 5700
Driven this week: 400 miles

Like most people, there’s usually a song or feature I hear on the radio each day that I just can’t listen to – so I end up switching over to another station for a while.

With some cars, you have numbered buttons on the centre console you can program station frequencies into. However, with the A1 you have to pop up the sat-nav screen (if it isn’t up already), select ‘radio’ (if you haven’t already), then faff about scrolling through the station list.

The centre console looks clean because of it, but I’d rather it were more convenient to use in radio mode.


Week ending January 6
Mileage 5300
Driven this week 500 miles

I took two friends to Birmingham just before the New Year to see another friend of ours – so the A1's rear seats were used for the first time.

The 6ft-tall occupant didn't have many complaints, which surprised me because of the A1's compact size. The only gripe they had was that his head just touched the roof if he sat up properly but, for one-off use, he seemed happy enough.

Another thing I noticed on the trip was fuel consumption. I did 70mph rather than 60mph on the motorway and, even though I used a third of a tank to do the 140-mile round trip, I lost 200 miles of tank range.


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