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Audi Q3
Audi Q3
Audi Q3 2.0 TDI 140 S line

Week ending January 25
Total mileage 11,486
Driven this week: 82

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When I chose the spec of my car, one option I'd anticipated would come in handy was Audi's Park Assist. For £500 (£900 with a reversing camera), the system allows you to pull up just ahead of your chosen space, press the relevant button, engage reverse and simply control the pedals. The car should then steer itself into the space.

In theory, this is a good idea – especially when it comes to getting the angle right for tighter parallel parks – but there's a good reason that I've only just found use for it.

Firstly, it parks the car only with the passenger side nearest the pavement, which isn't always convenient. Secondly, Park Assist stops the car around a foot away from the kerb. I live on a narrow one-way street, however, where car owners are required to park legally with two wheels up on the kerb. That's something the system can't comprehend.

Out of curiosity I then tried the Park Assist on its bay park setting, which is designed to park it side-side-by-side between two cars, and this nearly ended in a nasty prang. In theory it's a good idea, but in real-world situations there aren't many spaces large enough in the UK.


Week ending January 11
Total mileage 11,404
Driven this week: 102

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I haven't spent much time in the Q3 before, so arranged to borrow it over the festive period.

It’s a very likeable compact SUV because it rides and handles well and the 140 diesel engine in our car offers all the performance you’re likely to want.

However, as good as the Q3 is, I couldn’t help thinking that the cheaper A3 Sportback that we tested last month makes it feel almost redundant.

The A3 is even better to drive and gets its power to the road with less wheelspin. What’s more, it has a more modern and upmarket interior and similar space.

True, the Q3 offers a slightly raised driving position, but you don’t really sit high enough to see over traffic.

By Steve Huntingford

Week ending January 4
Current mileage 11,302
Driven this week: 482

When it's raining, I often seek cover under the tailgate of a car to set up equipment, change lenses and pack everything away again. Despite the Q3's boot lid housing the light clusters, it's surprisingly short, which doesn't protect me from the elements as much as other SUVs or estate cars with longer canopies.

This is no bad thing when it comes to parking in tight car parks, though. The boot lid opens upwards rather than outwards, so it doesn't overhang beyond the rear bumper.

That means I can still access the loadbay if it's reversed up close to a wall or near to another parked car, without having to pull forwards and reverse back.


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