Our cars: BMW 5GT SE - July

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  • BMW 5GT tested
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  • Tested by John Bradshaw
BMW 5GT: the good, the bad and the ugly
BMW 5GT: the good, the bad and the ugly
BMW 530d GT SE
Mileage 11,000 miles

If there's one thing BMW has done very well with the 5 GT, it’s the cabin. The driver gets a pretty plum spot. Not only is the seat super-comfy, but the driving position is spot-on. There’s also loads of space, the sunroof lets in plenty of light and the dashboard is beautifully designed.

BMW’s iDrive central controller is a lot easier to use than the earlier versions in other models, too. I can change any of its functions quickly, or use the shortcut buttons if I prefer – perfect.

Passengers get a touch of the high life as well. My two sons normally sit in the back, and they have more than enough legroom even if the rear bench has been slid forward to maximise boot space. The seatbacks can also be reclined.

If there’s one small bugbear, it’s space for the central rear passenger. I opted for the standard three-seat bench rather than the optional two separate seats and any adult who sits in the central seat doesn’t have a lot of room. Overall, though, the 5 GT has a very well designed cabin.

Our cars: BMW 5GT SE - June


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