Our cars: Renault Laguna Coupe - July

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  • Renault Laguna Coupe tested
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  • Tested by Matt Sanger
Rattles in the Renault
Rattles in the Renault
Renault Laguna Coupé 2.0 dCi 180 GT

There's no point having a great-looking car such as the Laguna Coupé if it doesn’t have what you need, and for me a decent stereo system is a must.

When I was hunting for the perfect used Laguna, I wanted a car with as many gadgets as possible. I struck gold when I found a Coupé with Renault’s factory-fitted 3D satellite-navigation. Along with a large colour screen and Bluetooth, it comes with a high-end Bose sound centre that’s specially tuned to the car. The result is a seven-speaker system with a dedicated subwoofer that sounds brilliant.

It isn’t great value for money as a £2200 option when new, but on a used car it doesn’t substantially add to the price, so it’s definitely worth looking for.
The in-dash autochanger takes up to six CDs, so even long trips are accompanied by a seamless flow of music. The subwoofer in the boot adds real weight to the music, but the system’s also capable of handling more delicate pieces, revealing lots of subtle detail.

As I rarely get the time to sit and listen to music at home, it’s given me the opportunity to rediscover some favourite albums, and I’m always tempted to take the scenic route.

It helps that the Coupé’s classy interior is so comfortable. The supportive sports seats keep me ache-free, and the mix of leather, aluminium and soft-touch materials give the cabin an elegant feel. All in all, the Laguna is a great place in which to spend time.

However, an omission in the stereo’s spec means I too often have to listen to CDs rather than embrace newer technology. There are audio-input sockets, but there’s no dedicated iPod integration, so you can’t control the player from the car. As it’s legally dodgy to operate a hand-held device while driving, the only alternative is to put your iPod on shuffle and take pot luck with what you listen to.

I have only a few months left with the Laguna, so I need to make the most of the big coupé while I can. Sounds like a trip to a music store is in order, then.

Our cars: Renault Laguna Coupe - June


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