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Renault Twizy Technic

Week ending July 26
Mileage 1736
Driven this week 130 miles

Renault Twizy review

On one of the hottest weekends of the year, I decided to take home a car without air-conditioning. Odd choice perhaps, particularly given that 98% of folks we spoke to on the What Car? Facebook page felt that they could not consider transport without it.

It wasn’t a bad call though. The car in question was our long-term test Twizy is at its absolute best in fine weather. With air rushing through the open sides of the car, there is no question of it getting stuffy inside, even when crawling through the packed suburbs of grimy west London on a hot Friday commute. Leave it parked up and it doesn’t get hot inside either. Of all the options not listed for this stripped-back suburban weapon, air-conditioning is one you won’t miss.

Opinions on how the Twizy looks are divided but there is no doubting its ability to turn heads. It is does look like it has beamed back from the future and really cuts a dash in the urban scrum it was built to tackle. Being stared at or talked about are facts of life for Twizy drivers though, so if you’re self-conscious, it is not the car for you. With no windows, you can pretty much hear everything that is being said by passing pedestrians.

Most of the eavesdropping related to cuteness or quietness. Some colourful and uncharitable chatter from an older man did sour my mood a little, but he was waiting for a bus and I was in a car, so I was happy that I had the better deal.

So recent trips have been a lot of fun, but it has not been completely plain sailing. If there is a good time to develop a fault with the wipers, it is probably while the sun is shining - the windscreen washers have stopped working.

With no sun visor, driving in low sun without being able to swish the screen is downright hazardous, so an appointment at Renault London West is scheduled to get the water flowing once more. Once diagnosed, I’ll report back, but in the meantime, regular screen cleaning is the order of the day.


Week ending July 12
Mileage 1580
Driven this week 142 miles

No, that's not a typo: we really have covered nearly 150 miles in the Twizy this week, and I've been responsible for more than 100 of them. There was a touch of surprise when I asked for our enigmatic little electric car over the weekend, as I have a 44-mile round commute that includes a couple of junctions of the M3.

Still, it promised to be Twizy weather and I had a ball, even enjoying the lorry-buffeted miles down the motorway, though it did cross my mind that I would have sacrificed a little of the range in return for the ability to do 56mph and keep up with the inside-lane traffic.

There was a touch of trauma on Monday night when I discovered that my other half had naffed off with our only extension cable. I had to get creative with ways to charge the Twizy, resulting in the scene you can see here. In effect, I parked the car in my porch and stretched the cable - an unexpected benefit to its dinky size and stretchy, curly power connection.

By Victoria Parrott

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