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Dacia Sandero 0.9 TCe Laureate

Week ending July 26
Mileage 4005
Driven this week 23 miles

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This week's heatwave has made me really pleased that we have gone for range-topping Laureate trim. It's the only way to get air-conditioning on the Sandero. In these temperatures any car is going to get hot inside but the Dacia with its big windows seems to warm up particularly quickly.

The air-conditioning might be simple but it is very effective. At one point the outside temperature was 31 degrees celsius but I had to turn the fan down as the interior of the car was actually getting a bit chilly. I reckon the upgrade to Laureate is definitely worth the money.

By Matthew Burrow

Week ending July 19
Mileage 3982
Driven this week 457 miles

If you're not fussed about the icing on the cake, then the Sandero's the car for you. It's cheap and cheerful and does the job. Perfect for us then, as we like to keep things simple.

It was the hottest day of the year, so I took the boys swimming, followed by a sleepover at the grandparents. The Sandero was packed with a bootful of swim bags and wheelie suitcases (containing the essential six teddy bears for one night!) but there was still a load of room left.

It was only after getting in and starting up with the air-con on full blast to cool things down, that the separation anxiety set in and I had to go and get the teddies from the boot.

Only then I realised that, just like the Fiat Panda, you needed the key to get in the boot, so had to come back, turn everything off to open it and start the whole cooling down process again!

By Michele Hall

Week ending July 12
Mileage 3439
Driven this week 64 miles

A trip to look at a university with my son was a good opportunity to test out the Sandero.

My six-foot tall son was impressed by the space in the back and commented that the seats were surprisingly comfortable.

I was pleased that our top-of-the-range Sandero has air-conditioning. The journey in the heatwave would have been a lot less enjoyable without it.

The Sandero has a certain 'back-to-basics' appeal and I really like that it keeps things very simple.

By Stephen Hopkins

Week ending July 5
Mileage 3310
Driven this week 41 miles

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Driving the Sandero in the recent sunny weather brought to light (quite literally) something rather annoying.

While the chrome-ringed instrument dials add a touch of sparkle to the cabin in cloudy weather (i.e. most of the time) they have an irritating habit of glinting in the midday sun, and the resulting dazzle is enough to prove pretty distracting – as you can see from this photo.

By Will Nightingale

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