Our cars: Mini Paceman Cooper S - July

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Mini Paceman
Mini Paceman
Mini Paceman Cooper S

Week ending July 19
Mileage 5450
Driven this week 286 miles

Mini Paceman review?

The Bluetooth on the Paceman is fantastic: easy to set up, easy and safe to control using the joystick, and it pairs every time I get in the car without fail.

There's just one small problem. The road- and wind noise at about 55mph is so loud that yelling is the only way to be heard.

Hearing the person you're speaking with is hit and miss, too, so for delicate or longer conversations this means parking up to make the call. Not ideal.


Week ending July 5
Mileage 5164
Driven this week 724 miles

I took our Paceman on its first visit to Cumbria to see family and get a bit of walking in at the weekend, and as expected it handled the 680-mile round motorway trip expertly.

The long straights of the M6 and M40 were what this car was made for; less so the wiggly lanes, varying cambers and tight bends of the Lake District proper. It’s a bit of a handful on these sorts of roads, which isn’t to say it’s not fun, but at anything less than a crawl the ride feels lurchy and unsettled, especially in the passenger seat where I was a bit taken aback to experience carsickness for the first time in about 25 years.


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