Our cars: Skoda Yeti - June

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Skoda Yeti 1.2 TSI Elegance

Week ending June 24
Mileage 8029
Driven this week 130 miles

Overall, I find the Yeti user-friendly, so I can't get my head around the way the rear seats fold.

The levers to release them are hidden in the boot at the bottom of the seats. This means that if you've loaded the boot and then realise you need to fold the rear seats to make more space, you have to reach over and behind all your stuff – practically getting in the boot yourself – in order to do this.

I don't get why Skoda didn't put the release mechanism at the top of the rear seats, which would also make it possible to release them from the rear passenger doors as well as the boot.

Week ending June 17
Mileage 7969
Driven this week: 84 miles

I'm just loving the handy storage compartment on the top of the Yeti's dashboard.

It's easy to reach and, because it's located up high, I hardly need to take my eyes off the road to open and close the push-top lid.

It's quite shallow but it's still great for chucking in random CDs, shopping lists, a little notebook, pens and, well, any other rubbish that I need to get at or out of the way in a hurry and because it has a lid, it reveals nothing to thieves about its contents, and helps keep the car looking tidy, too.

That said, my husband complains that it's a hazard if he's at the wheel and I'm rummaging around in it, as when the lid is open it obliterates a fair chunk of his view out of the windscreen.

Week ending June 10
Mileage: 7885
Driven this week: 60 miles

I amazed that even now when I tell friends I'm running a Skoda, I get a snigger or a look of commiseration. I can't believe people still labour under the delusion that Skoda is anything but a big brand competitor.

Well, seeing is believing, and one ride in my Yeti is enough to get them with the programme. Its well-designed, quality interior is as good as any in a VW; it's not long before, like me, they're convinced that it's one of the best brands on the market.

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