Our Cars: Nissan Juke - June

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Nissan Juke 1.5 dCi Acenta (Sport Pack)

Week ending June 17

Mileage 6000
Driven this week 350 miles

Cupholders rarely get much attention in cars but, being a bit too practical for my own good, I like the Juke’s big cup holders. They’ll take a half-litre bottle easily and, because they’re so deep, a bottle won’t fall over when going round a corner. It is in the line of the gearstick which, while irritating, I’ve got used to and use it as an armrest in traffic.

It’s not normally something I’d take any notice of but, while driving some of our other cars recently, I find I’m constantly picking up my water bottle so it doesn’t fall out of its holder.

Week ending June 10

Mileage 5650
Driven this week 550 miles

If I wanted to listen to my MP3 player in any of my previous cars, I had to get an adaptor and plug it in to the tape deck. So the novelty of having an MP3 point in the Juke has yet to wear off – you just plug in the USB cable, and you get your own little jukebox. Skipping tracks or adjusting the volume is equally easy – audio controls on the steering wheel mean you can do this without taking your hands off the wheel. The song title appears on the centre console display, too, although longer titles don’t scroll across and others can stay stuck for a couple of tunes at a time.

Week ending June 3

Mileage: 5100
Driven this week: 350 miles

I took our Juke on a trip to the Isle of Wight with my mum, and it was just about perfect for our four-day jaunt.

The 75-mile trip from my home to the ferry terminal was hassle-free, with neither wind- nor road noise causing any problems inside the cabin, and the Juke was equally at home on the tight, twisting roads on the island.

The car even managed to do the 350 holiday miles on three-quarters of a tank – not bad, considering how hilly the island is.

The only conundrum was the boot: we didn’t have many things between us, but we still filled it up too easily.

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