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Seat Alhambra 2.0 TDI CR 170 SE Lux DSG

Week ending June 24
Current mileage 11,313
Miles driven this week 503

Putting those little plastic converters on your car's headlamps when you go abroad is inconvenient, not least when you put them in the wrong place and realise they’re hard to get off.

Things are often worse for drivers of cars with xenon headlamps, because the super-bright beams have to be adjusted by a garage before you go away, then reset when you come back.

Thankfully, my Seat Alhambra's £805 xenon headlamps spare me the hassle. All I have to do is press a button on the steering wheel to bring up the Lights and Vision options menu, then tick the Travel mode setting. Hey presto, the headlights adjust their beam down and to the right, ready for Continental driving.

When you come back to the UK, untick the setting and you're set for driving on the left once more. It’s a brilliant system that all headlamps (not just xenons) should have.

Week ending June 3
Current mileage: 10,307
Driven this week: 553 miles

I borrowed the Alhambra for a week's cycling holiday in Belgium. What a brilliant car for the job.

First, it took three people, three bikes (with the front wheels taken off) and enough luggage for five days with ease. Then it quietly and comfortably cruised the UK’s battered motorways and the smoother Continental roads, before the sat-nav found our secluded farmhouse B&B without a hint of a wrong-turn.

I also appreciated the car’s light controls, slick semi-automatic gearbox, easy-to-judge extremities and plentiful storage space.

All this and the Alhambra did the 553-mile round trip on a single tank of fuel, at an average of 40.2mpg. Fantastic.

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