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Mini Coupe
Mini Coupe
Mini Coupe John Cooper Works

Week ending June 29
Mileage 13,500
Driven this week: 400 miles

Mini Coupe review

I recently reported that the Mini had averaged 30.5mpg during our time with the car, which is pretty impressive when you consider how hard we've been driving it. Well, with a car this sporty, it'd be a crime not to…

Now, though, the car has been subjected to one of our True MPG tests, and it threw up some interesting results. Overall, it came out with an average figure 35.6mpg; that's impressively close to Mini's claimed combined figure of 39.8mpg.

However, when I looked up the car on the TrueMPG section of our website and entered my predominant journey type, mileage and (most importantly) driving style, I was told to expect 31.6mpg, just 1.1mpg away from what we've observed. Pretty impressive, don't you think?


Ivan's Mini Coupe on video

Week ending June 22
Mileage 13,100
Driven this week 200 miles

I have some friends who own original Minis, and they're forever telling me that half the fun of owning one is the sense of community you feel. Apparently, drivers of the classic version will honk their horns and flash their lights at each other in appreciation every time they pass.

It seems this applies to the Coupe, too. As I was driving my JCW through town the other day, another Coupe came the other way, and the driver flashed his lights, leaned out of his window and gave me a big thumbs-up. Naturally, I felt duty-bound to reciprocate.

I doubt that happens with other versions of the modern Mini. After all, most of them are such a common sight that owners would be flashing and hooting constantly. I wonder if it'll continue to happen with the Coupe once we starting seeing more of them on the road.


Week ending June 1
Mileage 12,000
Driven this week: 400 miles

Mini Coupe review

Enough's enough, I just can't take it anymore. I've mentioned in the past how the Mini's various squeaks and rattles have been getting on my nerves, but they're becoming worse by the day. It's time to act.

The biggest culprit is the parcel shelf. It shudders in its mountings – even on mirror-smooth roads – which causes a constant, irritating rattle. Things get worse when you hit a bumpy surface, where the noise becomes virtually unbearable.

I had planned to wait until the car's first service to get it sorted, killing two birds with one stone. However, the servicing schedule is variable depending on the car's condition (basically, it lets you know when it needs some maintenance) and after 12,000 miles, the car still seems perfectly happy. The chaps at Mini tell me that it could be another 8000 miles before the car requests an overhaul, and I simply can't wait that long to get the rattles sorted. A visit to my local dealer is definitely on the cards, and soon.

On the plus side, it's incredibly impressive that the JCW is able to go 20,000 miles between services, especially when it's such a powerful and sporty version of the car. That makes running the car that bit more affordable.

So does the Mini TLC package, which, if you're buying a Mini, you'd be a fool not to exploit. A one-off payment of £275 covers all the servicing for your first five years or 50,000 miles worth of motoring. You can also extend the cover for another three years or 30,000 miles for a nominal one-off sum.

What's more, the cover is fully transferrable, so if you decide to sell the car in the meantime, you should get a little more for it. Brilliant.


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