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Audi A1
Audi A1
Audi A1 1.4 TFSI Sport

Week ending June 22
Mileage 14,100
Driven this week: 700 miles

There was just time before the A1 left the fleet for me to take it to Le Mans. This wasn’t something I was looking forward to, mainly due to the amount of kit I had and the size of the A1’s boot. Scrap that, just the size of the A1 full stop. But, in hindsight, it actually did everything I wanted it to.

It held a steady 47mpg over the whole journey, was extremely comfortable and has a great sound system that kept us happy on the five-hour drive. There wasn’t enough room to cart all our stuff in the boot, so the back seat was used as a storage space, but then the A1 was never meant to be an MPV.

There are quieter, faster cars for long journeys, but I think the A1 coped admirably and, with less kit, I wouldn’t mind doing it again.


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Week ending June 15
Mileage 13,400
Driven this week: 600 miles

Last month, I complained about there being no indicator on the dash to say when the automatic lights were on. Although this is correct, the A1 does actually tell you when it puts the sidelights or dipped beams on.

The rotary dial to the right of the steering wheel controls which state the lights are in (off, auto, side or dipped). Reader Paul e-mailed me to say that, when in auto mode, the sidelights icon on the dial turns green.

So the A1 does say when the lights go on automatically, but it’s not in the driver’s line of sight.


Week ending June 8
Mileage 12,800
Driven this week: 400 miles

I was a bit naughty last week, and ran the A1 until the fuel light came on.

If you were to run out of fuel in an A1, there's no excuse about not noticing the fuel level. Once the range dipped below 50 miles, a day-glow orange fuel pump appeared on the dashboard screen between the rev-counter and speedo.

Then, if you're in an unfamiliar area, you'll get an extra bit of help from the sat-nav, too – it asks you if you need help finding a fuel station and, if you do, you get a list of the nearest ones to get directions to.


Week ending June 1
Mileage 12,400
Miles this week 300

It occurred to me only a couple of days ago that I'd driven more than 1000 miles in the A1 in just over a week.

Aside from my usual commute to work, I'd squeezed in excursions to Leicestershire, Kent and various other parts of the Home Counties over an eight-day period. All of those journeys were about 200-mile round trips, too.

The fact that it took a few days to realise how many miles I'd done in the A1 is a good thing – I was never sore, tired or fractious when I eventually got home – and shows how well the car copes with long outings.


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