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Jaguar XF
Jaguar XF
Jaguar XF 2.2D Luxury

Week ending June 29
Mileage 23,400
Miles this week 700

Jaguar XF review

I'm a stickler for stability. Yup, I like all in life to be just-so, everything to remain exactly where I put it, with no unnecessary wobbles.

The Jag satisfies this trait in me most of the time on the motorway. It's comfortable, stable, secure, and never gets upset by crosswinds or ruts.

However, two things that are decidedly not stable are the needles on the speedometer and rev-counter. I can be using cruise control along the smoothest,
straightest, most level piece of road in the land and still the needles will waver back and forth very slightly. At any one time I could be doing 70, 71 or 69 miles per hour – it can be tricky to tell.

Has anyone else noticed this foible?


Euan's Jaguar XF on video

Week ending June 22
Mileage 22,900
Driven this week 1200 miles

Colleague Will Williams has been looking wistfully at the Jaguar XF for weeks because he had a wedding to attend just outside Edinburgh.

He could have taken his Lexus CT200h, but he'd have had to fill it at least twice and the trip would have taken longer than he wanted it to. I could ignore the pitiful glances no longer, so flung him the XF's keys.

He loved it. It easily took all of the gladrags, shoes and handbags he and girlfriend Maria required, plus all of her make-up!

It covered the 1000-mile round trip with ease, keeping firmly in the background on the motorway and coming alive on the B-roads of Scotland.

Will managed to complete the jaunt at a decent average of 44.3mpg, too. It's fair to say he liked the XF – he's got another long trip coming up, and has started to look wistfully in the direction of the Jag's keys again.

Week ending June 15
Mileage 21,700
Driven this week: 1000 miles

Jaguar XF review

Yahoo – it’s been holiday time this week, which entails packing the car with what seems like most of our worldly goods and a tent, then heading to the Lake District to find a few mountains to climb.

I was slightly worried this year that we might struggle to get everything into the Jag, because when choosing the spec of the XF I forgot to tick the optional (for no cost) folding rear seats.

However, I needn’t have worried, the boot took tent, bags, stove, boots, while the backs seat was home to the bedding and the fridge. Yes, I know, but there’s nothing like having a cold beer by a tent in the middle of nowhere after a long walk.

It’s fair to say that a little of the Jag’s usual fleet-footedness was lost once it was packed to the gunwales, but all the extra weight actually made the ride better!

The extra heft affected the fuel economy too, but this was slightly alleviated by the fact that most of the trip was done on motorways. An overall average economy of 37.9mpg wasn’t great, but could have been worse.

The Jag was easier to pack for the return trip (we’d eaten all the food), and made a quiet, comforting companion for the distinctly melancholic trundle back down the M6. Roll on next year’s camping foray.


Week ending June 8
Mileage 20,700
Driven this week: 600 miles

My dad is a big fan of Jaguars, so he was extremely chuffed when I took delivery of an XF last November. He's also a big fan of motor racing, so when he came down for a holiday last week it was an ideal chance to combine his two loves with a jaunt to Silverstone to watch some historic racing in the XF.

The start-up procedure, which entails the dashboard vents opening and the gear selector rising from the dash, never failed to amuse. He was also deeply impressed with how quiet the XF was on the motorway and dual carriageway up to Northamptonshire. It was a bitterly cold day, but the climate control worked quickly and surreptitiously to keep us at the right temperature.

He's even more of a fan now, so much so that the Jag dealer in Perth should expect a visit very shortly!


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