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Renault Twizy Technic

Week ending 28 June
Mileage 1328
Driven this week 22 miles

Renault Twizy review

The Renault Twizy is not a vehicle for the shy or retiring. Pedestrians stare and passing drivers wind down their windows to quiz you.

However, despite your new-found on-road celebrity, you'll be jolted back to reality by the first pothole you meet – the suspension is virtually solid.

It's wasn't all bad news on my urban commute, though. The Twizy's narrow track helped it thread through those normally frustrating half-gaps in the traffic, while width restrictions were taken without the hint of a nervous paint-protecting lift of the accelerator.

The Twizy just about fits into parking spaces end-on, meaning you can always find a space. However, with no rear window, reversing involved clumsily sticking my head out the side.

While the lack of windows was great on a warm, dry evening in June, the appeal might not be so apparent on a dark mid-winter commute. That said, what the Twizy lacks in weather protection, it makes up for it with cheeky personality and outright fun factor.

By James Lewis-Barned

Week ending 14 June
Mileage 1328
Driven this week 22 miles

I've worked on caravan magazines until recently, which has meant I've been behind the wheel of pretty mammoth machinery designed for carting tourers back and forth. So the chance to grab the tiny Twizy for my urban commute was a treat. I had visions of myself slipping quickly through the knotty London traffic, but in truth, the little Renault takes up sufficient space on the road that it is no quicker through the congestion than a regular supermini.

No matter. With the sun out, the Twizy is just plain good fun. Its simplicity ensures it's a splendidly easy vehicle to drive and those diddy dimensions make it a cinch to park up, too. I displaced a trough of flowers under the bay window at home to squeeze it in and managed to charge it up by trailing the cable through the downstairs window. Around an hour restored it to 100% charge after a 12-mile suburban trudge.

On the downside, careful navigation around potholes is a must to avoid the worst of its firm ride. All told though, if the weather is with you, it is a great thing to be in.

By Nigel Donnelly

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