Our cars: Peugeot 208 - June

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Peugeot 208
Peugeot 208
Peugeot 208 1.2 VTi Allure 3dr

Week ending June 21
Driven this week 6814
Mileage this week 142

Peugeot 208

I managed to pick up a small injury this week, but was glad that to have taken the Pegueot 208 home on the evening of my misadventure.

Thankfully I only suffered a minor twist to my left ankle, but it was sore enough that it brought a halt to the game of fives I was three-quarters of the way through playing. It was also tricky to put my full weight on my left foot, so I was a little concerned about driving a manual car home.

However, this proved to be one of the few occasions that I was thankful for the 208's light clutch and its high biting point. I was able to ease the Peugeot in and out of gear on the way home from the courts without much effort. My ankle was sore, but it meant I was able to get home safely.

By Tom Webster

Week ending June 14
Mileage 6672
Driven this week 301 miles

The Peugeot 2008 SUV was in the What Car? office for testing this week and I took the chance to see how it compared with my 208 supermini.

The interior seemed very familiar, all the more so given the car we had in on test was the same Allure trim as my long-term vehicle. This meant that I still got to enjoy a tiny steering wheel, but had to suffer it being set incredibly low to allow me to see the instrument cluster.

What I did appreciate was the 2008's extra practicality. The seats drop flat easily and there was no entry lip to the boot at all, which made sliding shopping in and out really easy.

The most impressive thing for me, however, was the 2008's pricing. It is only £1300 more than my three-door 208, and just £900 more than the equivalent spec five-door. That is a big step up in practicality for not a huge amount of cash.

By Tom Webster

Week ending June 7
Mileage 6371
Driven this week 150 miles

In the case of many cars, I can't see the argument in favour of choosing a three-door hatch over a more practical five-door version.

However, my life with the three-door 208 over the last few months has shown that I have made the correct choice in this case.

Yes, it is slightly cramped in the back seats and yes, the front seats are a bit of a pain to clamber past as an adult male, but frankly I don't much care.

I have no kids, and nor do any of my close friends. Also, most of my socialising is done in London so we rely on public transport for most weekend and evening meet-ups. As a result I have had two adult passengers squeezing themselves into the 208's back seats on only a couple of occasions at best.

On these occasions there hasn't been any grumbling about the lack of headroom, but then I tend to hang out with short, polite people who are grateful for a free lift when they're offered one.

I'd much rather smile at the silver flash by the 208's rear window every now and again than pay £400 more for a more practical car that I don't need and doesn't look as nice.

By Tom Webster

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