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Honda CR-V 2.2 i-DTEC auto EX

Week ending June 7
Mileage 17,613
Driven this week 722 miles

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So last week I wrote about how spacious and relaxing the CR-V was on holiday in France, but sadly the trip didn't end well.

Mind you, I think I was partly to blame. We'd stopped on the way back to Calais, you see, and I'd opened the tailgate to be greeted by my large case sliding out and onto the floor. I pushed it back in, pressed the button to close the tailgate electrically and thought nothing more of it.

The CR-V seemed to lock properly on the ferry (it beeps when something is amiss), but when we tried to start it later nothing happened. The starter motor wouldn't work and neither would the windows. The ignition came on, so the stereo worked and I could get the automatic gearbox into neutral, but that was it.

Cue embarrassment, a few muttered expletives and, after trying everything we could think of, defeat: the CR-V wasn't going to go anywhere under its own steam.

We were towed off the ferry so I could call the AA, who arrived within 30 minutes and quickly diagnosed a flat battery. Something had drained it during the 90-minute crossing, and the most likely cause was the electronically operated tailgate, which wasn't completely shut.

Thankfully we were on our way shortly after, but it just proves how careful you need to be with cars stuffed with electronic gizmos – and how quickly a battery can be drained!


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