Our cars: Mazda 6 - June

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Mazda 6
Mazda 6
Mazda 6 2.2D 150 SE-L

Week ending June 21
Total mileage 6950
Driven this week 138 miles

Mazda 6

One thing that has surprised me during my commute around the M25 everyday is how easy the Mazda 6 is to drive and live with.

It's only when you are in a car day to day that you really see how it functions and operates. So far the Mazda has gone about its business with no fuss. Despite this I feel it does have more style and panache compared with other saloons I have driven recently.

My honest opinion is that consumers these days buy cars on what they look like more so than what they ride like but everyone is different. That's why I like the Mazda because it has been created to break the norm and look a little different.

By Stephen Hopkins

Week ending June 7
Total mileage 6812
Driven this week 162 miles

I'd heard good things about our Mazda 6, so was glad to finally get my hands on it for an evening this week.

I came away impressed. For a start, I reckon it looks great; it's far more striking than most family cars. It's got a peach of a diesel engine, too. Quiet, smooth and powerful from any revs, it makes many engines in rivals feel out of date. There's also loads of space up front, a good driving position and simple controls.

A couple of things annoyed me, though. The ride was a little firm around town, even on our model's optional smaller wheels, and there was a lot of judder through the clutch pedal when pulling away from a standstill. Our car has been to a Mazda dealer, but nothing untoward was discovered. We'll keep investigating, though, and will keep you posted.


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