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Audi A3 Saloon 2.0 TDI 150 Sport

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Week ending June 20
Mileage 2800
Driven this week: 400 miles

Due to circumstances beyond its control, our Audi A3 Saloon has largely been dormant for a few weeks, but nonetheless it started first time and showed no ill-effects from its enforced sojourn.

I've been driving it around for a few days because I've had only limited contact with our Executive Car of the Year so far. It was definitely the right choice.

The engine is extremely smooth and punchy, the gearshift is light and accurate, and it would appear that it drinks fuel at about the same rate as a child drinks foul-tasting medicine.

The ride is definitely firm but not so much that it irritates and the handling is precise and secure, although the steering is a bit too light for my taste.

I'm also not sure about Steve's choice of white paint. To my eyes it cheapens the look of the car, and a plain red might set it off more. 

Still, you can't see much white when you're inside the car, which means you can focus on one of the finest interiors of any executive car. I'm looking forward to putting a few miles on the car over the next few weeks.


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