Our cars: Honda CR-Z - March 2012

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Honda CR-Z
Honda CR-Z
Honda CR-Z 1.5 i-VTEC Sport

Week ending March 30
Current mileage 10,988
Driven this week: 106 miles

Honda CR-Z review

The CR-Z’s reversing sensors have an off switch, but I’m not sure why.

Unless you’re planning to pull a caravan – and the CR-Z is hardly an ideal tow car – there seems to be little reason to use this function. In fact, there’s the potential for a low-speed bump if the button is accidentally pressed and the driver doesn’t notice.

Something similar happened the other day when road test editor Andy Pringle borrowed the car and reversed into a space expecting to hear a beep from the sensors. He almost ended up hearing a crunch, instead.


Week ending March 23
Current mileage 10,882
Driven this week: 122 miles

When I last got a new mobile number, it took me ages to remember it. As I explained to people at the time, ‘I never call me.’

Similarly, I spend little time looking at the exterior of my CR-Z, because I’m usually inside, driving it. However, another one cruised past me on the motorway the other day, and I was struck by just how good it looked, particularly from the back.

The fact that I so rarely see another CR-Z on the road is part of the reason why I like it; Honda sold just 1614 in the UK last year. To put that into perspective, Vauxhall shifts as many Astra GTC’s every two months.


Week ending March 16
Current mileage 10,760
Driven this week: 250 miles

I haven’t driven the CR-Z for a while, so it was good to take it home recently. It looks great and I find the driving position is just right for me. It’s just about the right size, too, since I rarely have more than one other person in the car with me and don’t need a big boot that often.

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s the right car for my commute: I do more than 100 miles a day on the motorway and, even though I was doing 65mph most of the time, it drank nearly a third of a tank of fuel.


Week ending March 9
Current mileage 10,510
Driven this week: 464 miles

Given the choice between a motorway journey and a slightly longer drive through towns and back roads, I invariably take the latter option in our CR-Z.

At speed, plenty of steering corrections are needed just to prevent the CR-Z from wandering around, and you have to put up with loads of wind and road noise.

At the moment, I can’t even drown out the general racket by turning up the stereo, because it merely highlights the buzz coming from the speaker in the passenger door. Hopefully my local Honda dealer can fix this fault at the first service, due at 12,500 miles.


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