Our cars: Range Rover Evoque - March 2012

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Range Rover Evoque
Range Rover Evoque
Range Rover Evoque 2.2 SD4 Prestige 4WD

Week ending March 30
Mileage 1350
Driven this week: 267

Range Rover Evoque review

Now that I've settled into life with an Evoque, it's time to get demanding. That means trying to hook up my iPod via the USB interface.

Thing is, I'm totally obsessed with stuff like album art and the correct song titles, to the point where, several months ago, I went right through my MP3 collection and corrected the lot: artists, songs, record labels, CD covers, the works.

Does the Evoque care about this? Not one jot. Sure, I get the song title on the small screen between the main instrument dials – but there's not a whiff of the car using the album art that's embedded in the MP3 file itself and showing it on the main screen. In this respect, at least, the Evoque's infotainment system feels a generation (or two) behind those of Audi and BMW.

In my last long-termer, the 520d Touring, I had the album art in place all the time. Now I just have to make do with text, a fairly clunky 'browse' facility that takes me through the songs, and the audio itself. At least that's half decent in quality, despite the fact that I didn't choose the (expensive) uprated sound system.


Week ending March 23
Mileage 1083
Driven this week: 753

Our Range Rover Evoque is settling in nicely. Nothing’s fallen off, and we passed the 1000-mile mark with no obvious early rattles.

Fuel economy remains a concern, though. The initial trip computer figure was 29mpg, but a gentle approach in the morning rush hours has lifted that to a stratospheric 30.6mpg over the past 500 miles or so.

I hadn’t expected sensational figures - it’s an automatic SUV, after all - but I had hoped that the diesel engine could give me an mpg figure in the low to mid thirties. Fingers crossed the slow improvement continues over the next 1000 miles.


Week ending March 16
Mileage 250
Driven this week: 250

To give you an idea of how new our Range Rover Evoque is, this morning I activated the windscreen washers for the first time.

I only picked up the car on Monday afternoon, you see, and then spent two days of this week driving Peugeot 208s in Portugal.

Anyway, it’s here now, and it looks fantastic in the car park. We played around a lot with colours on the configurator, and thought long and hard about opting for a bright metallic blue finish. However, in the end we chose white, electing to keep our car’s scheme as close as possible to that of the original LRX concept that previewed the production car (okay, so ours is a five-door, not a coupe, but you get the idea).

This policy has extended to the interior, where we’ve chosen the tan/espresso leather. It certainly makes the Evoque a really pleasant place to spend time, and the panoramic glass roof gives it an even brighter, more airy feel.

As a final nod to the LRX, we elected to pick our Evoque up from beside the show car, which now resides in the Land Rover design studio in Gaydon. Sure, our five-door is a bit taller, but I’m deeply impressed by how close Land Rover was able to keep the production car to the concept car.

Real-world motoring has just started, then. I’ll post an update on early fuel economy this time next week.


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