Our Cars: Vauxhall Ampera - March

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Vauxhall Ampera
Vauxhall Ampera
Vauxhall Ampera

Final mileage 15,280
Driven this week 680

The Vauxhall Ampera has now left the What Car? long term fleet - read our Vauxhall Ampera farewell

Week ending March 1
Mileage 14,600
Driven this week 400 miles

Vauxhall Ampera review

The cold weather has not flattered the Ampera. Although the ultra-smooth electric drive means that it never struggles to pull away in icy conditions, the lack of engine braking and the awkward transition between electric (regenerative) braking and the bite of the brake pads makes you concentrate very carefully when going down icy slopes.

Two other things that suffer in the cold weather are my hands, so I tend to wear gloves until the cabin warms up. Unfortunately, the touch-screen centre console, containing the controls to the fan, thermostat, front and rear screen heaters, seat heater, radio, sat-nav, only responds to bare fingers.

By Ed Keohane

Our Cars: Vauxhall Ampera - February


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