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Suzuki Swift
Suzuki Swift
Suzuki Swift 1.6 Sport

Week ending March 27
Mileage 9091
Driven this week 35 miles

Suzuki Swift

I found myself pondering our Swift's service intervals again this morning when a service reminder arrived in the post from the dealer that fitted the car’s winter tyres.

The Swift will be one-year old at the end of May, you see – the date its first service should be due. Unfortunately the car hit its 9000-mile limit first; some three months earlier than it should.

At current mileage, by May the car will be a quarter of the way through its second service interval; it will have to be seen again in November – just six months later.

The other galling thing is the reminder contains the very tempting offer of free roadside assistance if I take the Swift to SMC. That’s an incentive I would have leapt at, but alas I’ll have to go without; the Swift’s already had its first service at a different dealer closer to home.


Suzuki Swift 1.6 Sport

Week ending March 22
Mileage 9056
Driven this week 46 miles

Suzuki Swift

There might not be room in the boot for more than a few shopping bags, but the Swift's tiny proportions make it perfect for getting around town with the minimum of fuss.

No massive rear end, or long bonnet to peer over means it's a doddle to slot into spaces that anything bigger would be barred from. Its electrically folding mirrors make it even more compact – all adding up to create the perfect package for any urban commuter.


Week ending March 15
Mileage 9010
Driven this week 50 miles

The Swift Sport does a lot of things well; impeccably even, but it's not without its foibles. The static rear parcel shelf, for example, is becoming rather tiresome. There are no strings fixing it to the tailgate, so when you open the boot it stays exactly where it is.

More frustrating is that the shelf is also completely immune to the boot lid closing. Forget this small but important detail, and when you come to check your mirrors you'll get an eyeful of nothing but grey shelf. So it's ignition off, seatbelt off, back out of the car and around to the boot to flip it down manually – and doesn't it always happen to me when I'm in a rush.


Week ending March 8
Mileage 8960
Driven this week 32 miles

Suzuki hasn’t exactly been miserly with the Swift Sport’s cabin storage. For a small car, it has a reasonably sized glovebox, two door pockets and one central cup holder.

However, while the Swift caters for solo motoring, the hospitality doesn’t extend to a passenger – especially a fellow coffee junky, as a colleague and I discovered on a recent road trip. He was left holding his coffee cup between his knees – well, driver privileges and all.

The door pockets are perfect for water bottles, or anything small enough with a proper, fixed lid. Coffee cups, however, with their flimsy tops and sip holes fit a little too snugly and are tricky to get in and out from under the armrest without spillages, scalds and curses.

This is a car sold on its drive rather than all-out practicality, but hey, even hot-hatchers need a caffeine fix every now and again. That said, the Swift’s single coffee compartment is more generous than some – the otherwise all-singing, all-dancing Citroen DS3, for example, doesn’t have any cup holders at all.


Week ending March 1
Mileage 8928
Driven this week 78 miles

Since the Swift’s 9000-mile once over last week, I’ve noticed the handbrake mechanism’s a lot tighter, which led me to go back and look again at the dealer’s health check report. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary, except for a small note that the front and rear brake pads are showing 10% wear.

The word ‘wear’ never sounds good, but actually this level is pretty low. In fact, according to Suzuki technicians, if they continue at the same rate, the pads will be good for another 50,000 miles, which is encouraging.


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