Our cars: Ssangyong Korando - March

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Ssangyong Korando
Ssangyong Korando
Ssangyong Korando 2.0D 4WD SX

Week ending March 27
Mileage 12,814
Driven this week 236

Ssangyong Korando review

Sometimes it’s the small things about a car that you miss. I was reminded of that the other day while passing through an airport car park. The Korando’s electric windows largely skimp on the usual 'one-shot' function. Only the driver's door window can be opened with one double depress of the button. To close it, you must keep your finger on the button all the way.

None of the other windows have a 'one-shot' function at all. Normally it’s not an issue, but in cold weather when navigating the usual rabbit warren of a multi-storey car park, I found myself driving with the window open for a short period. Chilly.


Week ending March 15
Mileage 12,578
Driven this week 169

This week I travelled to Birmingham and back with three (large-ish) adults on board. The extra weight was certainly noticeable in the Korando’s performance, but it did a pretty good job. Everybody had enough space, and there were no real complaints on general comfort and refinement.

It just goes to show that if all you want is “a car” then something relatively humble will do a fine job in most circumstances. It may fall short by comparison with close rivals, but given an opportunity, the Korando would still be welcomed by many families up and down the country.


Week ending March 8
Mileage 12,409
Driven this week 201

Last week I mentioned my surprise at the high quote for a first service on the Korando. I managed to find an alternative to Ssangyong West London that would have shaved £60 off the bill, but the inconvenience of travelling to Virginia Water all but eradicates the saving, so I will be heading to Barnes instead.

On the plus side, they look like a good outfit, so I am hopeful of the service that you might expect at the prices they quote.


Week ending March 1
Mileage 12,208
Driven this week 232

It’s first service time for the Korando at 12,500 miles and our nearest dealer has quoted an eye watering £318 for an oil and filter change plus the usual checks. This is not what I had expected. Ssangyong West London is based in Barnes, so I am now in the process of looking at alternatives before committing.

One issue with buying from a small manufacturer is that your dealership choices can be limited unless you have the time and motivation to travel. The next nearest dealers for me are in Virginia Water, Croydon or Maidenhead, none of which are very convenient at all.


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