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Peugeot 208
Peugeot 208
Peugeot 208 1.2 VTi Allure 3dr

Week ending March 28
Mileage 4302
Miles this week 102

Peugeot 208

I've been driving a Peugeot 208 courtesy car this week, while the dealer tried to fix the GPS fault on our car. I was grateful for it as our 208 needed a new sat-nav screen in the end - it took an entire week to fix.

In one sense I was delighted to see that Peugeot provided a low-mileage 208 with exactly the same 1.2-litre petrol engine as my own car – as an owner it's nice to feel you haven't been fobbed off with the cheapest loan car they can get away with.

My replacement car wasn't exactly the same as mine, though, as I was given a five-door model in Active trim – the one below Allure.

However, the most disappointing thing about the temporary car is its colour. Silver doesn't make the 208's sharp looks stand out anywhere near as much as the bright blue of my car.

By Tom Webster

Week ending March 22
Mileage 4200
Driven this week 62 miles

Sadly, it has been another quiet week for the 208 – because it is back in the workshop again.

I was out of the country for a week immediately after having the 'GPS Fault' error message looked at, but the very first time that I got back into the Peugeot on my return, the same message popped up again.

In fairness, the technicians had asked me to keep an eye on it and let them know if it appeared again, but I really didn't expect it to happen so soon, especially because it has been a sporadic issue to date. I duly called the dealers again and I'm now waiting to hear whether they can fix it with another software update or whether it needs the completely new screen that they mentioned last time it was in.

I did learn one interesting fact about the 208's system though. Apparently if you press and hold one of the buttons then it will take a screenshot that the technicians can then look at when the car comes in.

By Tom Webster

Week ending March 15
Mileage 4138
Driven this week 76

While the Peugeot 208 was in the dealer having its sat-nav GPS error looked at, I asked if they could look at a couple of other issues, namely the high biting point on the clutch and the problem with demisting on a cold morning.

The dealer asked to go out for a test drive to see what the problem was with my clutch, so I spent ten minutes as a passenger in my car while a technician tried to see what we were complaining about.

Despite the fact that he too drove the car rather jerkily, he said there was nothing they could do. The 208's clutch is a hydraulic one so apparently there is no room for adjustment and I just have to bunny-hop down my road like a learner while I get used to it each morning.

It seems like I could be doing this with restricted vision as well, because the dealer was unable to replicate the misting up issue on the morning they had the car. There was no immediately obvious problem, so I just have to keep a window scraper handy for the inside of the car as well as the outside while the weather remains cold.

By Tom Webster

Week ending March 8
Mileage: 4062
Driven this week 20 miles

The Peugeot was at my local dealer over the past week, having its sat-nav screen looked at. It had displayed an error message on more than one occasion.

I dropped it off in the morning and later that afternoon had a call saying that it needed a whole new screen to sort the issue. Not just an update, but a new physical screen.

However, when I went to pick it up I was told that a software update was sufficient, although I was to keep an eye on the system. The implication was the update should sort the problem, but there were no guarantees.

By Tom Webster

Week ending March 1
Mileage 4042
Driven this week 80 miles

I've not done as many miles in the 208 as usual this week, as it headed off to my local dealer to get the 'GPS Fault' error message investigated that has popped up a couple of times recently.

I'll withhold my full judgement on the service until I've actually got the car back, but I've since heard from the dealer that the GPS issue it is a known problem and they can fix it.

However, this saga is not over yet. Apparently it needs a completely new screen so will have to go head back to the dealer once again for the work to be done.

By Tom Webster

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