Our cars: Honda CR-Z - May 2012

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Honda CR-Z
Honda CR-Z
Honda CR-Z 1.5 i-VTEC Sport

Week ending May 25
Total mileage 12,862
Mileage this week 310

Honda CR-Z review

The CR-Z's odometer has now ticked past the 12,500-mile mark, which means it's time for the car's first service.

After ringing a couple of dealers I decided to go with Thames Ditton Honda, who quoted a reasonable-sounding £193.05 and offered to collect the car from my home or place of work for no extra cost.

This sounds like a very good system that takes all of the hassle out of getting your car serviced. I'm surprised more dealers don't offer it.


Week ending May 18
Total mileage 12,552
Driven this week: 184 miles

I nabbed Steve's CR-Z recently because I was going away for a long weekend and wanted to try it for an extended period.

On the motorway section of my trip, the jolting high-speed ride left me wishing I'd taken my Alfa Romeo Giulietta, instead. However, the CR-Z came into its own later.

I always think the sign of a good enthusiast's car is when you still enjoy driving it on challenging roads after several boring hours behind the wheel - the CR-Z passed this test with flying colours.

The gearshift has a short, precise throw that's an absolute joy - especially after a hundred miles or so of cruising in sixth - while pressing the Sport button transforms the car's character for the better.


Week ending May 11
Total mileage 12,368
Driven this week: 154 miles

Al Clements, editor of our sister magazine Classic and Sports Car, borrowed the CR-Z for a couple of days, and returned smiling.

He admitted that the ride was crashy and the road noise and rear vision terrible. However, he felt these faults were more than outweighed by the sharp steering, entertaining handling and free-revving engine.

Surprisingly, Al also found that he could fit his three-year-old daughter, Niamh, in the back in her child seat, as long as he slid the front passenger seat all the way forward.


Week ending May 4
Mileage 12,214
Driven this week: 278 miles

Most of the cars sold in the UK have both mph and km/h figures on their speedos, with the mph variety more prominent. However, I reckon Honda has come up with a better solution for the CR-Z; it has a large digital speedo that lets you swap between mph and km/h at the touch of a button.

This system reduces clutter and makes the speedo easier to read at a glance. The odometer and trip computer also switch from miles to kilometres when you press the button – useful when you’re driving overseas. Now, if Honda can just come up with a system that lets you swap the steering wheel from the right side of the car to the left…


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