Our cars: Range Rover Evoque - May 2012

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Range Rover Evoque 2.2 SD4 Prestige 4WD

Week ending May 25
Mileage 4700
Driven this week: 310 miles

Range Rover Evoque review

Last weekend was the first opportunity I've had to see how our Evoque performs as a family chariot.

I spent the weekend ferrying my six year old son to various social events (his not mine) and all the consummate clobber associated with that.

So how did it do? Good. As long as you accept that there isn’t really any more useable space than in, say, a VW Golf or a Ford Focus. So, even with my son, who’s on the small side for his age, I had to put the passenger seat well forward to prevent him kicking the back of it. The upside is that the optional glass roof is a big hit with kids and makes it a lot cheerier in the back for anyone.

Luggage space is more than acceptable though. As long as you don’t have really heavy demands it should be up to the job for most families. The boot itself is a good shape and it’s easy to fold down the split-fold seats. But again, despite appearances, you really aren’t going to have any more space than in a normal small hatchback.

One thing also occurred to me during my weekend with our baby Range Rover. I spent most of it driving around the outskirts of London and musing why it doesn’t have stop-start. It would help improve the Evoque’s so-so urban fuel economy no end.


John's Range Rover Evoque on video

Week ending May 4
Mileage 3690
Driven this week: 450 miles

Range Rover Evoque review

There’s something exciting about driving a car that everyone looks at. As you go through town, there’s a barely a head that doesn’t turn, and when you stop and get out it’s easy to see why. The Evoque has got genuine concept car looks – flamboyant styling, massive wheels, and a heavily raked roof. It’s the real deal.

However, after a couple of hundred miles, you realise that the cabin is the best bit of the car. Well designed, bright (if you’ve got the panoramic roof) and glamorous.

The downsides: well, the 2.2-litre turbodiesel engine and six-speed automatic gearbox feel a little behind the times, and to be fair, they probably are. For this car Land Rover has repackaged existing technology, and judging by the sales figures, the waiting list and the reaction on the street, it’s done it incredibly successfully.


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