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Rattles in the Renault
Rattles in the Renault
Here's a question: what would you think is the best type of car to take for a camping trip? I’d bet that a two-door coupé isn’t on the list. That’s why my colleagues thought I was mad to take my Renault Laguna Coupé for a week-long camping trip in the Highlands. However, I wanted to see if the Laguna could handle two people and their paraphernalia.

The Laguna has a 423-litre boot, so I was confident that everything would fit, but halfway through the cramming process I began to feel the chill fingers of panic grasping my heart: the boot looked pretty full and there was still a lot to fit in. Thankfully, judicial use of the rear seats allowed me to pack the rest. Just.

Long motorway trips bring out the best in the Laguna. The firm ride, which can be annoying in town, gives great high-speed stability, and the smooth, powerful diesel engine makes the Coupé a great high-speed cruiser.

We averaged 42mpg, which wasn’t bad considering the car was fully laden.

The Laguna Coupé is best at high speed, then, and I reckon it’s best as a used car, too. After all, you can pick up an 09-plate GT model with around 15,000 miles for just £16,000.

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