Our cars: Jaguar XJ 3.0D V6 - May

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  • Tested by Pete Tullin
Mileage 28,150
The XJ has just passed the 28,000-mile mark and, sad to say, it's feeling in need of a spot of TLC.

The tyres are still legal, but they're worn down to the harder part of their composition, making the already rather firm ride feel even edgier. Replacement is on the agenda, and that's guaranteed to turn the Tullin bank balance crimson because they retail at around £260 a pop.

A driver's seat cushion that is starting to feel compressed exacerbates that increasingly hard ride. It feels like one or two of my pie-loving colleagues have spent rather too much time in my car. Mind you, the XJ was intended to be driven by fat cats, wasn’t it?

At least this is a problem that's going to go away without me having to pay, though.

That's because about a month ago the backrest mysteriously developed some play on one side. This gradually became worse, culminating in the backrest flopping back and forth noisily under braking and acceleration.

It meant I found myself sitting at a slight angle to the steering wheel. I booked the XJ into Jaguar dealer Guy Salmon, Thames Ditton (020 8398 4222) for some remedial action.

When I pitched up I was informed that, along with looking at the seat, the car was pencilled in for several routine software upgrades and some mechanical retrofits, including new windscreen wiper fixings.

Two days later the car was returned to me sparkling inside and out. A new seat had been ordered – in the meantime the broken item had been given a temporary fix. Very temporary, it turned out; a couple of days later it started its flapping routine all over again.

Our cars: Jaguar XJ 3.0D V6 - April


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